Hello world!

It’s the first blog post here. It’s not yet a technical post, but we will get there eventually. Here you can read about what will be on this blog in the future.

What you can read about here

Topic Details
.NET No matter if you create console or api applications .NET is here to help you. We use it for a living, so there is a lot to share about it.
React Most of the applications these days are web applications. It’s good to know a tool that help you achive it.
Clean Code Every one can write code. But to write good code, we have to follow some Code rules. It’s good to know them.
Tests Now, when we know the rules, we have to comply with them. Test are like guards that make sure that we don’t screw something.

If there is something that you want to read about, just leave the comment.


As one smart guy said:

Done is better than perfect

So, let’s make this blog post done! We will return soon with a blog post from one of the areas mentioned above.

Have a nice day!