If you are a developer, most probably (at some point of time) you had in mind to create own blog. That’s a great idea, but…

most developers want to write the own blog from scratch.

It’s not the best idea at the begging. It takes time, we don’t know whether we are going to like it and so on…

But there is something that can help you simulate writing your own blog from scratch…

As you can see guys it’s not a normal blog?


It’s hosted on GitHub. All posts are written in Markdown. It even has the own CI/CD process.


This blog runs with Jekyll + GitHub Pages

How to start

You can go with Quick Start on jekyll page, or you can start right a way on GitHub and use this template.

After just 5 steps, your blog is going to be up and running. :)


The template from the previous paragraph uses a minima theme. It’s not the worst looking theme, but it’s not the prettiest either.

You can easily customize it with some options. Here you can find theme docs.

Comment system

There is no blog without a comment system.

I’m using a Remarkbox. It works great with Jekyll and is really easy to configure.