What is a Second Brain?

A “second brain” is a term that refers to a system or tool that helps us organize and store our thoughts, ideas, and notes. This can be especially useful for people who have a lot of information to process and manage on a daily basis, such as students, professionals, and creative individuals.

How to Use a Second Brain

One way to create and use a second brain is by using a digital tool, such as the Obsidian app. Obsidian is a powerful, open-source note-taking and organization application that allows users to create and link notes using a simple, yet powerful, markdown syntax. With Obsidian, users can quickly and easily create a personal knowledge base, connect related ideas and thoughts, and even generate interactive graphs and maps to visualize their information in new and exciting ways.

Using Obsidian to Create a Second Brain

To use Obsidian, you can download the app on your computer or mobile device, and then create a new note by clicking on the “New Note” button. From there, you can use the markdown syntax to format your text and add links and images to your note. You can also use the “Backlinks” feature to see all the notes that link to your current note, which can help you see the connections between your thoughts and ideas.


Overall, a second brain can be a powerful tool for organizing and managing your information, and the obsidian app is one way to create and use one. By using Obsidian, you can easily create a personal knowledge base, link and connect your ideas, and even visualize your information in new and interesting ways.