Welcome in, the next article in our series about Code review. In this blog post, we will talk what to expect when you have to attend a code review as an author.

From the perspective of the code author, the code review process typically involves several steps.

Writing the Code

First, the code author will write the code that needs to be reviewed. This involves writing the code in the appropriate programming language and following the team’s coding standards and best practices. Once the code is written, the author will typically commit it to the version control system, such as Git, and push it to the central repository.

Requesting a Review

Once the code is pushed to the repository, the code author can request a review from one or more reviewers. This may involve using a code review tool to assign the code to the appropriate reviewers, or it may involve simply sending an email or notification to the reviewers.

Responding to Feedback

Once the reviewers have completed their review, the code author will receive their feedback. This may come in the form of comments or suggestions in a code review tool, or it may involve receiving an email or notification with the feedback.

The code author can then review the feedback and make any necessary changes to the code. This may involve fixing any errors or bugs that were identified, refactoring the code to make it more efficient or readable, or addressing any other concerns raised by the reviewers.

Once the changes have been made, the code author can resubmit the code for further review if necessary. This process may repeat several times until the reviewers are satisfied with the code and approve it for merging into the main codebase.


Overall, code review is an important part of the software development process that helps ensure the quality of the code. From the perspective of the code author, it involves writing the code, requesting a review, and responding to feedback from the reviewers. By participating in the code review process, code authors can help ensure that their code is of high quality and follows the team’s coding standards.